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Kiss Of Wine - Chill Sparkling Caladoc Rose - 20% OFF GOURMET!

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✔ 250ml can of dry rosé wine with bubbles
✔ 2020 Caladoc from Chemin du Loup, France
✔ 12.5% ABV
✔ Vegan

The Wine
From the home of Rosé itself, the Caladoc is as classic as they come. Along with pink grapefruit and citrus aromas, you’ll also find floral notes. To taste, there are light red fruits and and a creamy finish. Fantastic when served with grilled seafood and good friends.

The Winemaker
Our Rosé winemaker is Clotilde, who is based in the home of rosé, Provence. Clotilde makes wines at the Cellier Lou Bassaquet where a number of wines are certified organic and the whole estate is looked after in a sustainable fashion. Clotilde makes the wines so they are honest and true to the terroir, with excellent fruit character driving them but also elegant on appearance.

Kiss Of Wine
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